Friday, 20 April 2012

What Would Mary Magdalene Do?

This is a new page, I thought it would be nice for us to have a page that is about the Divine Feminine and what she would do. Often women are confused these days about how they should act, when they are bombarded with the idea that they should become like men to fit into a patriarchal world, and use buying shoes and hangbags as a way to escape the confusion and pain. But do you think Mary Magdalene would use retail therapy? Maybe she would use her energy, time and resources on something that can help heal the world instead?

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Validity of Tau Tia Douglass's Apostolic Succession

Recently a few people have come to me and told me about a religious blog site that is making mention of me and my validity as a Bishop. The lineages it is calling into question are those I received when I was consecrated to the Episcopate on the 10th of February 2011. The said post has been there since last year, however seeing as the site owner is refusing to act in a fair and pleasant manner and remove the posts there, made by Christopher Cain under various pseudonyms, it is about time the record about the whole thing was put straight once and for all.

Anyone reading the childish dribble posted by Christopher Cain under his various pseudonyms will instantly know that there is more to this than just someone who is trying to get to the bottom of something, the man even posts as +Ireland and myself, therefore impersonating us both. The names he has posted under on the blog are: William G Ireland, Pope Gregory IX, Anonymous, Paul, Abbot of Holyrood, Edinburgh, H.H Pope Shenouda III, Pseudo Magus Knight Templar Abbess Douglasses, Psuedo Pontiff Douglassess Pope of the North, Pseudo Supreme Matriarch and Patriarch of both East and West, North and South, Douglassiensis, Oecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Soon to be Supreme Kitty Pontiff Leo XIV, ++ Tia. Even though it was pointed out to the site owner Adrian Worsfold that these were not posted by ++Tia, and that obviously the other fake names where being used, they were never removed!!

Christopher Cain was against my Consecration from the first moment he heard about it. He doesn't know me or anything about me, but he decided he would be against my Consecration and would threaten +Ireland with excommunication, and curse him, unless he went back on his promise to Consecrate me. Because he kept ringing up and causing a lot of distress to +Ireland while he was staying at my house, we decided to take the pressure off and get the Consecration done there and then while he was still at my house, that way it was too late for Chris or anyone else to do anything about it. +Ireland had already been removed from various other Orders simply for Ordaining a female, due to Chris. The arrangement was that +Ireland would come up and do the public event as planned, under no pressure, as Chris would be told it was too late, it had already been done, hoping that he would forget it and move on, but no, he wouldn't let it rest. He constantly threatened +Ireland until he could take no more and had a nervous break down, so therefore was unable to come up for the public Consecration and had to cancel. Chris had pushed him so far that he could no longer take it. Chris then began to ring me up and threaten to put a curse on me, unless I revoked my Ordinations, Abbacy and my Consecration. When I refused he became really angry and abusive.

I got a letter from Archbishop Kersey and his Council of Three who were nothing to do with the whole thing, however +Ireland under more pressure from Chris Cain had then decided to involve them. He lied to them and said he had never Ordained me, even though I had already been added as Priest to the Young Rite. He denied making me a Lady Abbess, and Consecrating me. I can only assume the pressure and fear created in him from Mr Cain was all too much at this point and he just went along with his wishes.

I spoke with Archbishop Kersey regarding the matter, he said that myself and +Graham Suddick should get a sworn affidavit to say I had indeed been Consecrated, as +Graham was a witness. Archbishop Kersey also asked +Ireland to do the same. The next day we sent our sworn oaths to +++Kersey however, to this date +Ireland has never produced his sworn affidavit. During all this we also found out that someone had hacked into our Church web site and uploaded an edited version of my lineages, and it was obvious who was behind it. 

Archbishop Kersey accepted our sworn oaths as proof that we were telling the truth, along with a high resolution copy of the photo of myself and +Ireland after my Consecration, and seeing as +Ireland had failed to produce anything, proves he was unwilling to lie under oath.
The matter has now been resolved, however that blog remains, and this post will remain until such time that the blog comments by Chris Cain are removed.

I knew that there would be a lot of opposition against me being that I am a female and spiritual rather than religious, however I had my reasons for going through with the Consecration and I am happy that I did. I have many more lineages than just those passed to me from +Ireland.

A copy of the sworn affidavits, statements and high resolution photograph are available for all who request to see them, please contact the Vicar General.

UPDATE 16th September 2012

It appears Christopher Cain & William Ireland can't just move on, and so continue to flog a dead horse and post lies about me online. He has now created a web site with documents that contain blatant lies, and the posted documents even contradict each other.

He posted documents that have already been proven to be of no validity. He has posted an abnegation of orders document which isn't worth the paper it is printed on, as you can not reverse Holy Orders once they have been transferred.

He posted an old document by +++John Kersey, who himself says about the document:

"He has placed that document on the website without asking me and I am powerless to stop him from doing so. If he had asked me, I would have requested that he should not do so, not least because one of the signatories to the document is no longer a member of my church and because the document no longer represents our position. I have told him this but he has taken no notice. I am not going to be dragged into further conflict with him."

William G Ireland then posts up a sworn affidavit which completely contradicts his other statements. Both men are liars and continue to lie.

I don't want this to continue, I just want to leave them to their thing and us to ours, but they continue on with this childish behaviour, make false allegations against me to the Police, wasting Police time, as well as our own.

I am just hoping he will remove the site which he created using my name and we can all move on.

You can see more information here.

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Pain of Knowing

The World can be such a lonely place for those who have reached a high level of attainment. It isn't like you look down on others for not being able to see through the bullshit, it is just that you wish they could and that you could some how speed things up for them. Then they will take action in making changes to the world, because they too will be able to see the big picture. But no, you live your life surrounded by those who don't realise how clueless they are, I know because I used to be just like them.

So thank you so much to those of you who are round me who DO get it, and are helping in the quest to free everyone from their mental slavery, cut through the lies and bring truth.

Generation upon generation has been lied to, with fake choices to choose, tricking them into thinking they have a choice. They don't have a choice in the current system, and that is why it needs to be removed. We are playing a numbers game, once enough people have woken up to the big picture, more will start to wake up and the chain reaction occurs. But along the way there are plenty of distractions to stop people waking up, and many give up and sink back into the game that they can never win, becoming just a pawn. The only way to win the game, is to realise you are in one, and play 'them' at their own game. This is what the
BE THE SOLUTION movement is about and it is growing and will more with your help. Thank you.

The pain of knowing, is much easier to cope with, than the pain of uncertainty, or the pain of not living to your true potential.